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teamLab Reconnect是teamLab推出的将艺术与桑拿结合在一起的全新展览。这里虽然不是最高级的观赏艺术的场所,却能够让你在最佳的状态下体验艺术。 通过热水浴和冷水浴,可以达到“Totonou”的状态,并帮助你打开大脑,通过无限扩张的身体感知能力与艺术融为一体。 你将能够意识到心灵、身体与环境共同作为自身存在的整体性,并与世界和时间重新建立联结。


“Totonou”(調和)是通过冷热水交替浴(热水浴,冷水浴与休憩)带来的,在脑科学上也属于非常特殊的状态。 “Totonou”能够使人的感官更加敏锐,头脑更加清醒,对于美好的事物会更好的感知,并能够得到平时可能无法察觉的体验。 走进桑拿,调和身心,体验艺术,进入更深入的层次。

3 水浴冷水浴艺术 浴(休憩)

Supernature Phenomenon

在“teamLab Reconnect”中,包括基於teamLab全新藝術項目“Supernature Phenomenon”所創作的新作品群在內的多件藝術作品將被展出。“Supernature Phenomenon”,即超越自然界定律的現像(超自然現像),及由此導致的自身認知的改變。在見證瞭如與萬有引力相反等超自然現像的過程後,人們的認知自然而然會發生變化。而這種認知上的改變,則會引導你進入 "與日常生活不同的狀態"當中。


Changing Clothes / Hot Shower

In the changing rooms, women are asked to change into swimsuits, and men are asked to change into the indoor clothing shorts. If you wish, you may wear the indoor clothing over your swimsuit.

* Men and women can experience this exhibition together.
* You can come empty-handed, but if you want to wear your own swimsuit, please bring it with you. Men may wear their own swim trunks as indoor wear, as long as they are surf-style or long.
Click here for clothing & free rentals.

× 3

① Sweat in the Sauna

There are seven sauna rooms with varying temperatures, humidity, aromas, and music. Please choose just one sauna room at a time.
It is recommended to stay in the sauna for 10 minutes.

* Women may wear just their swimsuits in the sauna, and men may take off their indoor shirts.
* Do not overdo it. Adjust to your physical condition.

② Take a Cold Shower

There are two Cold Bathing Areas with different artworks in each. Please choose just one cold shower at a time.
It is recommended to shower for 1-2 minutes. The first time you try, you may be surprised by how cold it is, but please try and stay for at least 1 minute! It will get easier and feel nicer from the second time onward.

* Let your body get used to the cold water little by little.
* Women may wear just their swimsuits, and men may take off their indoor shirts.
* Do not overdo it. Adjust to your physical condition.

③ Dry Off and Rehydrate

Once you finish the cold shower, please dry off your body. And be sure to drink water, as you will be sweating a lot.

* It can be harmful to drink too much water at once, so just drink a little at a time.
* There are free water dispensers available in the venue.

④ Rest in the Art Submersion Area

There are 3 artworks in the Art Submersion Areas. Please choose just one artwork at a time.
It is recommended to immerse yourself in art for 10 minutes. Please focus on the art while resting your body.

Hot Shower / Change Clothes

Men's and women's changing rooms are equipped with hot showers, powder rooms, and various amenities.

* Click here for details.

* The experience lasts 100 minutes from entry to exit.





所谓 "Totonou",是指“热水浴、冷水浴、休憩”的过程中,在冷水浴过后进行休憩时会感到与平常所不同的愉快的感觉。


为了更加了解这一现象,我们使用MEG(Magnetoencephalography)这一超高精度脑电图检测技术,分析了30名体验者在桑拿前后大脑机能的变化,并观察到了一个有趣的现象。 除了与人体放松状态有关的α波被正常化外,在放松过程中常常被抑制的β波仅有位于大脑右侧顶叶的一部分会被激活。大脑的右侧顶叶负责包括空间和视觉感知、身体感觉与位置信息在内的所有的感官认知。这与桑拿爱好者的反馈是一致的,例如在"Totonou"时脑海中浮现了新的想法,或开始意识到平时没有察觉到的声音和气味等等。此外,β波会因此而减弱。 由于β波的强弱与大脑的兴奋程度成反比,因此当我们蒸完桑拿后,会发觉自己变得精神焕发,头脑也感觉更加清醒。




In the middle of the Muromachi Period (1336 - 1573), a type of tea ceremony in which tea was served to guests after their baths was called rinkan-chanoyu (rinkan sauna and tea ceremony). Much like with shoin-cha (decorative tea time), paintings, incense burners, vases, and hanging scrolls were displayed in the bathing rooms, and it is said that many spectators came to watch toucha (tea-tasting games) after bathing.
Rinkan-chanoyu was a widely-practiced basara (eccentric hobby) in Japan, particularly at the Kofukuji Temple in Nara.

In those days, a bath was a steam bath, or what we would today call a sauna, in which water is poured over heated sauna stones. People in Japan have long enjoyed the acts of viewing art in a sauna and drinking tea as a cultural pastime.

The term basara refers to the social and cultural trends in the middle ages in Japan, mainly during the early Muromachi Period (the Nanboku-cho Period). It was an aesthetic of meritocracy, one that disregarded the status quo, belittled, ridiculed, and rebelled against the authority of those noble in name alone, and instead favored extravagance, flamboyant behavior, and chic clothing. This culture was also the seed of the later revolutions in the Warring States Period.

It is said that Murata Juko (1422 - 1502), the teacher’s teacher of Sen no Rikyu (1522 - 1591) and the inventor of wabi-cha (tea ceremony), was also enamored with rinkan-chanoyu when he was young. He later studied under the Japanese monk Sosun Ikkyu at Daitokuji Temple, reached a state of chazenichimi (the realization that tea ceremony and Zen are one), and created wabi-cha. Then, the brothers Furuichi Choei and Furuichi Choin, who were main figures of rinkan-chanoyu, became disciples of Murata Juko, and rinkan-chanoyu became wabi-cha.


在桑拿热潮之前,人们潜移默化地继承了一种特殊的冷热交替沐浴状态。这种状态通过SNS(社交网络)的传播,逐渐被称为"Totonou",并且通过漫画的形式将“Totonou”的含义,方法步骤以及过程等内容进行来可视化传播,从而让很多人体验到了 "Totonou",也因此使很多人成为了桑拿的粉丝。在过去的10年中,也许正是上述现象的发生造就了现代桑拿热潮吧。

2008年前后,桑拿爱好者开始在SNS(社交网络)上进行信息的传播和交流,2009年,漫画家タナカカツキ(Tanaka Katsuki)开始了《サ道(桑拿之道)》文章的连载,首次通过漫画的形式,将进行“热水浴”、“冷水浴”、“休憩”的反复为人体带来"Totonou"的特殊状态的过程与方法进行了可视化。( 2011年《サ道(桑拿之道)》文字版发行时,将"Totonou"称为"Sauna Trance")。 桑拿爱好者濡れ頭巾ちゃん(Nure zukin-chan)在2011年开通博客时发表的评论"Totonou!"使"Totonou"一词在以SNS(社交网络)为中心的桑拿爱好者中开始逐渐流行起来。 2015年《漫画版 サ道(桑拿之道)》连载开始时,采用了"Totonou"的用法,"Totonou"由此正式传播开来。

*衷心感谢田タナカカツキ(Tanaka Katsuki)及濡れ頭巾ちゃん(Nure zukin-chan)为本文的撰写提出的宝贵建议。

Inference of Connection of Sauna Trance with Japan's Infrastructure and Cultural: Public Baths and Water Baths

When did the sauna trance method of bathing, which has been implicitly inherited by sauna lovers, begin?

The Japanese steam bath was replaced by the modern bathing in hot water baths in the mid-Edo period (early 17th century). The modern sauna was introduced to Japan from Finland around the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. In Finland, there are many lakes, and in saunas near lakes people do jump into the cold lakes, however, saunas in the city do not always have cold water baths.

So when did saunas in Japan start to always include a water bath? In fact, it is believed that water baths existed in public baths long before saunas. If you were born in the countryside in Japan, you may have been told by your grandfather to "pour cold water over yourself" at the end of a bath.

The story of pouring cold water over yourself after a steam bath appears in the collection of medical essays by the court physician of the late Kamakura period (late 13th century), Tomotoshi Koremune, in his book "Idansho" (one of the oldest essays by a physician in Japan). Since the days of the steam bath, cold water has been poured over the body after a steam bath. This may have something to do with misogi, the ancient Japanese Shinto ritual of purifying oneself by bathing in waterfalls and rivers. Even today, this is done at shrines at its chozu-ya pavilion which contains a large water-filled basin. Since the Nara period (8th century), when public baths were built, people have been pouring cold water over themselves after steaming baths. At the very least, the alms baths created in the Nara period were replaced by hot water and remained in the city as public baths called sento, and the pouring of cold water over oneself was somehow replaced with water baths. The practice of alternating hot and cold baths may have been implicit for more than a thousand years. This may have been the infrastructure and cultural foundation that led to the development of totonou (sauna trance) brought about by alternating super hot and cold baths.

Reference (Japanese): Sento kentei koushiki text 1

(Reference) Gyoki and the Origins of Japanese Baths (Saunas) teamLab Ruins and Heritage: Rinkan Spa & Tea Ceremony



Including the women-only saunas, there are seven different saunas. Each of the seven saunas has a various combination of temperature and humidity, ranging from medium warm and humid to super hot and dry, making both sauna beginners and sauna enthusiasts enjoy themselves. Each sauna also offers different natural aromas of white birch, junipers, pine tree, and ginger, as well as the scent of hojicha tea, and a variety of environmental sounds and music such as bonfires, cave river, suikinkutsu (water koto cave), forest wind, flames, and pink noise. The hojicha green is specially blended and roasted for Löyly by the tea leaf brand EN TEA, which is also used in Mifuneyama Rakuen's award-winning sauna Rakan no Yu.

Cold Bath

The Cold Bath is equipped with cold water showers whose temperature is maintained at a constant level by a chiller. Shower heads, each 30cm in diameter, are installed in two locations: overhead and at the shoulder, allowing you to take a large amount of cold shower from above or from the shoulder if you don't want to get your hair wet. There are two Cold Bathing areas, where teamLab transforms each space into artwork using water, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in art.

Art Submersion (Rest)

There are three Art Submersion areas, where visitors can take a rest in art after taking alternating hot and cold baths.


This exhibition can be experienced by men and women together, except for the changing rooms. After leaving the men's / women's changing rooms, meet at the rendezvous.

Hot Shower

There are hot shower booths in the men's / women's changing rooms. Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and facial cleanser (for women only) are available for free.

Changing Rooms / Powder Rooms

The powder rooms in the men's / women's changing rooms come with lotion, emulsion, combs, and hair dryers.


Fire Red男女通用
MusicFire (teamLab, 2021)
温度90° 高温
LöylyLöyly (hot)

Roasted green tea is blended and roasted for Roryu by the tea leaf brand EN TEA, and is also used in Mifuneyama Rakuen "Rakan no Yu", which has been ranked number one for two consecutive years in Sauna. Fragrant Smell.

Water Harp Cyan男女通用
MusicWater Harp / 水琴窟 (teamLab, 2021)
温度80° 中温
LöylyLöyly (hot)

White Birch is the national tree of Finland and a symbol of happiness. It has a fresh scent that makes you feel as if you are bathing in the forest.

Forest Wind Green男女通用
SoundForest Wind / 森の風
温度90° 高温
LöylyLöyly (moderate)

Juniper is a tree that is often used in place of bunches of birch (Finnish vihta). It has a refreshing sweet smell similar to that of Japanese Cypress, and its scent reminds us of the short summers in Northern Europe.

Underground River Blue男女通用
MusicUnderground River / 洞窟の川 (teamLab, 2021)
温度100° 超高温
LöylyLöyly (moderate)

Pine is one of the three most famous trees in Finland, and has long been used as sauna wood. It has a nostalgic and gentle fragrance.

Burning Magenta男女通用
SoundBurning Wood
温度100° 超高温

Static Pink仅限女性
MusicPink Noise (teamLab, 2021)
温度90° 高温
LöylyLöyly (moderate)

Fragrance oil is extracted from ginger and cinnamon, which are said to warm the body. Sweet and warm scent.

Silent Yellow男女通用
SoundSilence / 無音
温度100° 超高温


Notice of Exhibition Extension (updated on July 30)

The exhibition period has been extended until Tuesday, November 23. Due to temporary closures and shortened hours caused by the state of emergency and pre-emergency measures, the exhibition has been extended in order to provide more opportunities for visitors.








Please go barefoot. Men are required to wear the indoor clothing and women should wear a swimsuit inside the venue. If you wish, you may wear the indoor clothing over your swimsuit.The indoor clothing is made from quick dry fabric.

Indoor clothing for Women

Rental Swimwear for Women

Indoor clothing for Men

Indoor clothing bottoms (shorts) for Men

Free Rentals

・You can come empty-handed. Free rentals of indoor clothing in different sizes, women’s swimsuits in different sizes, bath towels, face towels, waterproof cases, and masks are provided upon entry.

・If you want to wear your own swimsuit, please bring it with you. Men may wear their own swim trunks as indoor wear, as long as they are surf-style or long.

<可租借女性泳装尺寸表> S:胸围70 - 75cm / 腰围56 - 92cm / 臀围68 - 96cm M:胸围75 - 80cm / 腰围56 - 92cm / 臀围68 - 96cm L:胸围85 - 90cm / 腰围66 - 102cm / 臀围76 - 105cm

※ 上述之外的尺码请自备泳装。


洗发水 / 护发素/ 沐浴露 / 化妆水 / 乳液 / 梳子 / 吹风机 / 卸妆水(仅适用于女性)均包含在门票当中。


・门票须提前预约。 ・请依照门票上注明的入场日期和时间准时入场参观。 ・体验时间为100分钟。(从入场时间开始计算) ・All saunas & artworks close at 20:40, and the entire venue closes at 21:00. Please proceed to the changing room by 20:40.

* For 19:00 - 19:30 ticket holders: please note your experience may not last 100 minutes.






5-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Across from Keyakizaka intersection 地址用当地语言: チームラボリコネクト 東京都港区六本木5丁目10-25(けやき坂下交差点向かい)







下车站点:六本木欅坂(Roppongi Keyakizaka)

都营 RH01

港区市内巴士 Chii巴士(ちぃばす) 田町线路

港区市内巴士 Chii巴士(ちぃばす) 赤坂线路

港区市内巴士 Chii巴士(ちぃばす) 麻布东线路

港区市内巴士 Chii巴士(ちぃばす) 麻布西线

港区市内巴士 Chii巴士(ちぃばす) 青山线路


港区市内巴士 Chii巴士(ちぃばす) 麻布東线路

港区市内巴士 Chii巴士(ちぃばす) 麻布西线路





普通票* 适合所有年龄 * 出于安全方面考虑,0至11岁的孩童无法入场



JPY 4,800



JPY 5,800

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Can I change the date/time or cancel a ticket I bought?

In general, tickets cannot be cancelled once purchased. The date/time of entry can only be changed three (3) times for tickets purchased on the official teamLab Reconnect ticket site. If you would like to change the date/time of entry, please do so by clicking the “Change Entry Date” button on your QR code ticket page before the date/time indicated on the current ticket. (For example, if you have a ticket for March 19, 10:00-10:30 entry time slot, you can change your ticket up until March 19, 10:30.) However, tickets cannot be changed in the following cases: ・If the entry date and time have been changed 3 times already ・If you want to change the type of ticket (weekday, weekend, holiday, or specific day) or the number of tickets ・If you try to change to a date when tickets are sold out or there are not enough tickets in stock ・If you want to change the entry date of only a subset of tickets purchased as a group ・If you try to change to a date prior to the ticket sale date ・If ticket prices have changed and you try to change to a date or time with a different ticket price

Do you actually go into a sauna in this exhibition?

Yes. This exhibition gives you the chance to go into a sauna, enter a sauna trance, then experience art. Scientifically speaking, sauna trance is an exceptionally unique neurological state brought about by alternating hot and cold baths (repeated exposure to saunas, cold water, and rest). When entering a sauna trance, the senses sharpen, the mind clears, the beauty of the surrounding world comes into focus, and what normally goes unnoticed can be experienced.

Is there anything I need to bring?

You can come empty-handed. Free rentals of indoor clothing in different sizes, women’s swimsuits in different sizes, bath towels, face towels, waterproof cases, and free masks are provided upon entry. Shampoo & conditioner, body soap, face lotion, moisturizer, comb, hair dryer, makeup remover (for women only) are included in the admission fee. Men are required to wear the indoor clothing and women should wear a swimsuit inside the venue. If you wish, you may wear the indoor clothing over your swimsuit. You can come empty-handed, but if you want to wear your own swimsuit, please bring it with you. Men may wear their own swim trunks as indoor wear, as long as they are surf-style or long. * Women’s rental swimsuit size chart: S: Bust 70 - 75cm / Waist 56 - 92cm / Hips 68 - 96cm M: Bust 75 - 80cm / Waist 56 - 92cm / Hips 68 - 96cm L: Bust 85 - 90cm / Waist 66 - 102cm / Hips 76 - 105cm * For sizes other than above, please bring your own.

Is a reservation necessary?

Entry to the exhibition is by advance timed ticket only. Please be sure to reserve your ticket before you visit.

There is a designated time to enter the exhibition. Do I have to leave before the next time slot?

The experience lasts 100 minutes from entry to exit.


Purchasing Tickets

・All prices include tax. No changes or cancellations can be made after the purchase has been completed. (Date and time changes are possible only if purchased through the official ticketing site, see here for conditions). ・No refunds for cancellations will be made for purchased tickets. ・There are no refunds for tickets purchased, except in the case of business cancellation. ・In the event that weather conditions make it impossible to use the facility safely, we reserve the right to cancel operation. In such cases, no cancellation fee will be charged. ・Tickets have a designated date and time and may be sold out. ・Resale of tickets is prohibited, and the exhibition will not be held responsible for any tickets purchased through resale. ・For safety reasons, children aged 11 or under are not allowed in the exhibition. ・Due to the risks of overheating, dehydration and fainting, visitors during pregnancy are not allowed to enter. ・Visitors aged 12 to 17 years must be accompanied by a guardian aged 20 or over. ・Opening hours are subject to change with prior notice on the ticket purchase page.

Entrance Precautions

・Please arrive at the entrance of the venue at the entry time indicated on the ticket and queue in the entry line. ・You may be asked to wait outside before entering the exhibition when it is crowded. Please be prepared for weather conditions depending on the season. ・Please make sure that a representative of a group stays behind when you leave the waiting line. ・Please be aware that you may not be able to enter the exhibition at the time indicated on your ticket. Please allow plenty of time in your schedule for your visit. ・Artworks are subject to change. Some of the artworks may not be available due to congestion or maintenance. ・Re-admittance is prohibited. ・The following items are not allowed to be brought into the museum. Large items that cannot fit in the locker (W41cm x D51cm x H83cm) *Luggage storage is not available at the venue. Hazardous materials, food or substances with a foul smelling, etc. Other dangerous items or items deemed inappropriate by the management. ・For safety reasons, wheelchairs and baby strollers are not allowed in the exhibition. ・Visitors aged 12 to 17 years must be accompanied by a guardian aged 20 or over. ・Please refrain from using the sauna if you have high blood pressure, a weak heart. ・Animals, including guide dogs, are not allowed in the exhibition. ・No one with a skin disease, dialysis, or other medical condition that prohibits them from bathing, and no one who is drunk or behaves in an aggressive manner are allowed to enter. ・Persons related to organized crime groups or antisocial organizations are not allowed to enter. ・ID may be requested on entrance. *Accepted verification of ID: Driver's license, health insurance card, student ID, passport, etc., that verify your name and age.

Exhibition Precautions

・The experience lasts 100 minutes from entry to exit. ・Men and women can experience this exhibition together. ・Men are required to wear the indoor clothing and women should wear a swimsuit inside the venue. If you wish, you may wear the indoor clothing over your swimsuit. ・You can come empty-handed, but if you want to wear your own swimsuit, please bring it with you. ・Please take off your shoes at the entrance of the venue. Please put your shoes in a bag and store them in a locker. ・Only smartphones, glasses, masks, sauna hats, rental items, and photography/videography equipment are allowed in the Sauna Area, Cold Bathing Area, and Art Submersion Area. ・Cell phones and cameras are not allowed in the sauna. Please store them in the mini locker in front of the sauna. ・You may take photos and videos in all areas except the changing rooms and sauna. However, please be careful not to disturb other guests. ・Flash, lighting, monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks are not allowed. ・There are artworks that use water in the exhibition. We are not responsible for any damage caused by cell phones or cameras falling or getting wet. ・Please wear a mask except in the sauna, cold showers, and hot showers. ・Please refrain from talking to prevent a possible droplet infection. ・It is dark inside the exhibition and the floor is mirrored in some places, making it slippery. Please be careful. ・Some areas are dark, use strong lighting, or loud sounds inside the exhibition. Please be careful if any of the following applies to you: Those who have experienced adverse reactions due to light stimulation. Those who have an extreme fear of closed, dark, or high places. ・ For your safety reasons, please do not touch projectors, sensors, lights, or other equipment. ・ There are free lockers (W41cm x D51cm x H83cm) in the changing rooms for you to store your belongings. *Items larger than the above size is not allowed in the museum. ・If you lose your locker key, indoor clothing, towel, or other rental items, you will be charged the actual cost. ・Please return all rental items to the designated return box. ・Food and drink, including candy and gum, are not allowed inside except for the water server installed inside the exhibition. ・Smoking is prohibited. ・Please be careful with your glasses and contact lenses when entering the sauna. Deformation of eyeglass frames and dryness of contact lenses may cause physical injury. Rings, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry and metals may also cause burns. ・When the exhibition is crowded, you may be asked to leave if you are staying for a long period of time. ・Please follow our instructions. If you do not follow the instructions, you may be asked to leave, and no refunds will be given in such cases.

Other Precautions

・The organizer, sponsors, and other parties involved in this exhibition will not be held responsible for any death, injury, or other accident, or for any loss, damage, or other trouble that may result from participation in this event. ・The exhibition reserves the right to suspend or terminate operations at any time for reasons beyond its control. ・The exhibition does not guarantee travel expenses for visiting the exhibition, even in the event that the exhibition is closed. ・Please take care of your valuables at your own risk. The organizer will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of valuables. ・Please note that we may hold a press interview and shoot without notice. If you do not agree with the photography regardless of the shooting purpose, please speak to the staff. ・Please refrain from taking unnecessary photographs. Staff may speak to you and check the images.) ・Photography or interviews for commercial purposes is prohibited without prior consent. ・Please do not bring in household garbage.

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自2001年起开始活动的艺术团队。通过团队创作来探索艺术、科学、技术和自然界交汇点的国际性跨域艺术团队。由艺术家,程序员,工程师,CG动画师,数学家和建筑师等各个领域的专家组成。 teamLab想通过艺术,摸索人与世界的关系和新的认知。人类为了更好的认知世界,习惯性的把世界分割,并将其视为具有边界的事物。我们探索认知的边界,并试图超越人类对世界,对时间连续性的边界的认知。世间万物都是奇迹般地存在于积年累月且没有边界的连续性上的。 teamLab的作品被世界各大艺术机构永久收藏,如悉尼新南威尔士州美术馆;阿德莱德南澳大利亚艺术画廊;旧金山亚洲艺术博物馆;伊斯坦布尔Borusan当代艺术收藏;墨尔本维多利亚国家美术馆;赫尔辛基阿莫斯·雷克斯;纽约亚洲协会博物馆。


teamLab Reconnect Operation Committee