Every Life Survives in Fluctuating Space

teamLab and TikTok, 2021, Augmented Reality, H: Flowers Bloom According to the Size of the Space


《A collaboration between TikTok and teamLab that can be experienced at home》 In addition to the artworks in the exhibition, teamLab collaborated with TikTok on a new work, Every Life Survives in Fluctuating Space. The artwork can be experienced through the camera of TikTok as a work for the Outside Air Bath, which is a part of the art and sauna experience. Your home, or wherever you are, can become an art space! 《Every Life Survives in Fluctuating Space》 The flowers bloom wither and die, the cycle of life and death continues for eternity The flowers grow according to the size of the space. If you are surrounded by ceilings or walls, they become the size of the space they are surrounded by, and if you are in a large area outside, they become very large. The size of the work is not predetermined, but is determined by the size of the space where you are. In the world seen through the camera of a smartphone with the short-video platform TikTok app, flowers influenced by the environment of the real space will be born in real time. The size of the flowers changes between the inside of a building and outside under the expansive sky. The lines of light that run along the outlines of the flowers represent kirigane (an art technique in which gold or silver leaf is cut into long thin strips and pasted), and the lines shine under the influence of the light of the actual space where the flowers bloom. Your home or the place where you are becomes an art space. You can enjoy it anywhere you like, participate in it, and share it with the world.

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Reconnect with the World and Time

teamLab Reconnect is a new art and sauna exhibition by teamLab where visitors experience art in their finest mental state. By taking alternating hot and cold baths, visitors open their minds, experience an ever-expanding physical sensation, and become one with the art. Recognizing that the mind, body, and environment are the wholeness of our being, we reconnect to the world and time.


teamLab & TikTok, teamLab Reconnect: Art with Rinkan Sauna


Mar 22 - Nov 23, 2021


5-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Across from Keyakizaka intersection Address in local language: チームラボリコネクト 東京都港区六本木5丁目10-25(けやき坂下交差点向かい)

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