Privacy Policy

teamLab Reconnect Operation Committee (the “Committee”, “we”, “our” or “us”) sets out the following privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) and adheres to the terms thereof in handling your personal information with an aim to facilitate our business operations. We ask you to review and be familiar with the details of this Privacy Policy before use.
Article 1. Basic policy
  • 1.
    We recognize the importance of personal information and in order to protect your personal information, we have complied and will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations. In addition, we further established “the Regulations to Protect Personal Information of teamLab Reconnect Operation Committee” (the “Regulations”) and aim to consistently implement, uphold, and continue to develop the Regulations.
  • 2.
    We have appointed a chief administrator in order to establish a framework that manages personal information adequately. In addition, we have informed the Committee’s directors and employees of the Regulations and will make every effort to establish thorough compliance. We also require our business partners to handle personal information adequately.
  • 3.
    We strive to prevent unauthorized access, breach loss, and damages, among others, of personal information and will continuously improve and revise information security.
  • 3.
    We strive to prevent unauthorized access, breach loss, and damages, among others, of personal information and will continuously improve and revise information security.
  • 4.
    We will respond to inquiries from customers in a sincere and prompt manner with respect to personal information and any requests for disclosure (including, but not limited to, notification of purpose of use, disclosures, amendments/additions or deletions or suspension of use) of personal information.
Article 2. Appropriate acquisition of personal information
  • We will not acquire your personal information through deception or any other improper methods.
Article 3. Purpose of use for personal information
We will use your personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the following purpose of use as set out below except in the case of obtaining your consent for use of your personal information as well as the case of being treated as exemption under the relevant laws and regulations:
  • 1.
    to respond to your inquiries;
  • 2.
    to communicate with you in order to confirm the purchase/sales of the tickets you purchased, and any other relevant matters in respect of ticket purchase and sales;
  • 3.
    to register event participants at our events, confirm participation and manage claims for participation fees;
  • 4.
    to announce services or introduce promotional campaigns and events carried out by the Committee;
  • 5.
    to provide services such as customer guidance regarding our facility and to carry out management operations such as emergency response; and
  • 6.
    to carry out other operations associated with our business undertakings.
Article 4. Providing or outsourcing to third parties
We will not disclose or provide any of your personal information without your consent to any third parties. However, the following cases are excluded:
  • 1.
    where the disclosure or provision is based on laws and regulations;
  • 2.
    where we receive an inquiry from the courts, the police, any other administrative agency, or any person entrusted by it by virtue of the relevant laws, and where there is a risk that obtaining consent may interfere with the performance of our business operations;
  • 3.
    where obtaining your consent is extremely difficult and disclosure of your information is essential in order to protect an individual’s life or assets; and
  • 4.
    where it is necessary and difficult to obtain your consent in order to improve public health or promote the sound development of children.
In addition, the Committee may outsource all or part of the management of your personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the Committees’ purpose of use. Under such circumstances, the Committee shall properly manage and supervise the third party outsourced to manage such information in order to ensure that personal information is managed in a proper manner by the third party.
Article 5. Cookie
We may use information obtained through Cookie when you visit our website and the websites of relevant facilities managed by us (the “Websites”) for the following purpose as set out below: Purpose of use
  • (1)
    to understand each customer’s status of usage of the Websites;
  • (2)
    to statistically analyze the status of usage of the Websites;
  • (3)
    to deliver customized ads for individual customers;
Cookie is designed to provide better services to the customers who visit the Websites, and is not aimed at identifying you through information collected from Cookie. While it is possible for you to block Cookie on the settings of your computers’ browser, you may not be able to receive certain services from the Websites, if you continue to completely block Cookie. In addition, we may use advertisement distribution services that utilizes customers’ behavior information which is attainable from Cookie provided by third parties. Where you wish not to receive the distribution of advertisements, you may block Cookie on the settings of your computers’ browser or invalidate (opt-out) the advertisements depending on the settings of third party websites. Cookie: Cookie is information written and saved onto your personal computers, smartphones, and tablets, among others, from the websites servers of the websites you accessed when you visited a specific website. The effective use of a website becomes possible through the use of Cookie stored onto your computers, among others, by enabling access to a website without having to establish settings each time you access a website.
Article 6. Disclosure of retained personal data and making complaints
If you request for a disclosure (including, but not limited to, notice of purpose of use, disclosures, amendments, additions or deletions or suspension of use) of personal data which are in the possession by the Committee by virtue of the Personal Information Protection Act, write to or call the contact information as specified in Article 9. We will answer any queries after confirming your identity.
Article 7. Proper management of personal information and ensuring the safety thereof
We manage personal information properly and securely. We take information security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and breach of personal information, and also regularly audit the effectiveness of such measures.
Article 8. Continuous improvement of personal information protection framework
We regularly conduct an audit of our personal information protection framework. In addition, we continue to review the personal information framework, including the Privacy Policy, with an aim to understand changes in our businesses, social conditions, progress of information system, among others, and to continuously improve our personal information protection framework.
Article 9. Contact us
For further inquiries regarding the handling of personal information by the Committee please contact us at: teamLab Reconnect Operation Committee 5-10-25 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo