Can I change the date/time or cancel a ticket I bought?

In general, tickets cannot be cancelled once purchased. The date/time of entry can only be changed three (3) times for tickets purchased on the official teamLab Reconnect ticket site. If you would like to change the date/time of entry, please do so by clicking the “Change Entry Date” button on your QR code ticket page before the date/time indicated on the current ticket. (For example, if you have a ticket for March 19, 10:00-10:30 entry time slot, you can change your ticket up until March 19, 10:30.) However, tickets cannot be changed in the following cases: ・If the entry date and time have been changed 3 times already ・If you want to change the type of ticket (weekday, weekend, holiday, or specific day) or the number of tickets ・If you try to change to a date when tickets are sold out or there are not enough tickets in stock ・If you want to change the entry date of only a subset of tickets purchased as a group ・If you try to change to a date prior to the ticket sale date ・If ticket prices have changed and you try to change to a date or time with a different ticket price

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still use the e-ticket?

  • 1.
    For those who can access the e-ticket on a computer and print it Even if you do not have a smartphone, you can bring a printout of the e-ticket to show when entering.
  • 2.
    For those who do not have a smartphone nor a printer Tickets can be purchased at the following ticket agencies. Entry to the exhibition is by advance timed ticket only. Please be sure to reserve your ticket before you visit. Lawson Ticket

Do I need to print out the e-ticket?

  • 1.
    For those with a smartphone You do not need to print out your ticket. You can enter the venue by clicking on the URL in the order confirmation email and displaying the ticket screen.
  • 2.
    For those without a smartphone After purchasing the ticket, you will need to print it out from the “QR Ticket Print Page” button on the ticket screen.

What options are there to purchase and pay for my ticket?

  • 1.
    Purchase from the official ticket site You can purchase tickets from the official website using a credit card.
  • 2.
    Purchase at ticket agencies The following ticket agencies offer a variety of payment options in addition to cash. For payment option details, please check with the agencies. Lawson Ticket

Where can I view the tickets I’ve purchased?

You can view the ticket screen from the URL in the order completion email (subject line: “Your teamLab e-ticket order is complete”). If you do not receive the email, please contact us using the CONTACT form.

Can I give my ticket to a friend? Can my friend and I split up the tickets and enter separately?

You can give a ticket to your friend and enter separately, so long as you enter at the time indicated on your ticket. 24 hours before the date/time of admission, the “Share Ticket” button will appear on the ticket screen. Select the ticket to share, and send it. Please do not send the e-ticket URL in the order confirmation email to any third party.

I don’t see the QR code in the purchase confirmation email.

The QR code will appear 24 hours before the date/time of admission.

What should I do if I did not receive an order confirmation email?

You may not receive a confirmation email in the following cases: Case 1: The email was redirected to a folder other than your email inbox. The email may have been redirected to another folder automatically by a filter. Case 2: Your inbox is set to reject messages Please set your inbox to accept emails from addresses. If the above fixes do not solve the problem, please contact us using the CONTACT form.

Can I cancel ticket sharing?

You can cancel ticket sharing from the “Change Shared Ticket” item on the ticket display screen. If you cancel sharing, the person with the ticket you shared will not be able to enter, and the number of e-tickets you own will increase by 1.

Are same-day tickets sold?

There will be no tickets sold onsite, but if tickets are available, they can be purchased on the day of entry from the official ticket website.


Are women allowed to enter?

Anyone regardless of gender can enter the exhibition. As for the saunas, there are five unisex saunas, as well as two women-only saunas.

Are people with tattoos allowed to enter?

Visitors with tattoos are also welcome. However, persons related to organized crime groups or antisocial organizations are not allowed to enter.

Can children in middle school and younger enter alone?

For safety reasons, children between the ages of 0 - 11 are not allowed to enter. Visitors ages 12 - 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 20 years old or older.

Can visitors with disabilities enter?

Visitors who are able to experience this exhibition alone and who are able to evacuate alone in case of emergency may enter the exhibition. Otherwise, an escort will be required to enter.

Is there a discount for visitors with disabilities?

We do not offer discounts for visitors with disabilities. If you need an escort, the escort must also purchase a ticket.

Can I use a wheelchair or cane when in the exhibition?

For safety reasons, visitors in wheelchairs or cane are not permitted entry.

Can I enter with a baby stroller?

For safety reasons, children 11 years old or younger are not permitted in the exhibition.

Can I re-enter the exhibition?

Unfortunately, leaving and re-entering the exhibition during your visit is not permitted.

Is a reservation necessary?

Entry to the exhibition is by advance timed ticket only. Please be sure to reserve your ticket before you visit.

Is it possible to just view the artworks?

You are welcome to enter just to view the artworks. However, men are required to wear the indoor clothing and women should wear a swimsuit inside the venue. If you wish, you may wear your indoor clothing over your swimsuit. * This is a new type of exhibition where you experience art and sauna together. We encourage you to go into a sauna, enter a sauna trance, and immerse yourself in art.

Are there waiting times to enter?

You may be asked to wait before entering. Depending on the season, please take measures to protect yourself from the cold or heat.

What happens if I am late for my entry time?

If you do not arrive within the entry time indicated on your ticket, your ticket will be cancelled.

If I have an invitation ticket, can I get in right away?

You cannot enter the exhibition with just an invitation ticket. Please use the code on the invitation ticket to reserve your ticket before you visit. Entry to the exhibition is by advance timed ticket only. You may enter the exhibition only on the date and time indicated on your ticket.

Inside the Exhibition

Do you actually go into a sauna in this exhibition?

Yes. This exhibition gives you the chance to go into a sauna, enter a sauna trance, then experience art. Scientifically speaking, sauna trance is an exceptionally unique neurological state brought about by alternating hot and cold baths (repeated exposure to saunas, cold water, and rest). When entering a sauna trance, the senses sharpen, the mind clears, the beauty of the surrounding world comes into focus, and what normally goes unnoticed can be experienced.

Is there anything I need to bring?

You can come empty-handed. Free rentals of indoor clothing in different sizes, women’s swimsuits in different sizes, bath towels, face towels, waterproof cases, and free masks are provided upon entry. Shampoo & conditioner, body soap, face lotion, moisturizer, comb, hair dryer, makeup remover (for women only) are included in the admission fee. Men are required to wear the indoor clothing and women should wear a swimsuit inside the venue. If you wish, you may wear the indoor clothing over your swimsuit. You can come empty-handed, but if you want to wear your own swimsuit, please bring it with you. Men may wear their own swim trunks as indoor wear, as long as they are surf-style or long. * Women’s rental swimsuit size chart: S: Bust 70 - 75cm / Waist 56 - 92cm / Hips 68 - 96cm M: Bust 75 - 80cm / Waist 56 - 92cm / Hips 68 - 96cm L: Bust 85 - 90cm / Waist 66 - 102cm / Hips 76 - 105cm * For sizes other than above, please bring your own.

Can I bring my own indoor clothing?

Please note that we do not allow visitors to bring their own indoor clothing.

Do you have safety and infection prevention measures in place?

This exhibition takes thorough measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and to maintain a healthy environment.

Do men and women stay separately in the building?

With the exception of the changing rooms, men and women can experience this exhibition together.

Are there restaurants, cafes, or vending machines in the exhibition?

There are no restaurants, cafes, or vending machines, but there are water dispensers.

Can I bring food or drink into the exhibition?

Food and drink, including candy or gum, are prohibited in the exhibition.

Is there a space to eat or drink?

Eating and drinking are not permitted, except for water provided by the water dispensers inside.

Will I be ok if it’s my first time in a sauna?

Each of the seven saunas has a different combination of temperature and humidity, ranging from low temperature with high humidity to high temperature with low humidity, so first-time sauna-goers can also comfortably enjoy the exhibition.

Can I bring my smartphone and camera into the exhibition?

You can bring your smartphone and camera into the exhibition, however, you may not bring them into the sauna. Please store them in the mini lockers in front of the sauna.

Is there a place to store my luggage?

Suitcases and other large luggage cannot be brought into the building. Please use nearby coin lockers.

What can I bring into the sauna room?

Only face towels are allowed in the sauna. Please use the mini locker in front of the sauna to store your smartphone, camera, glasses, etc. Please also take off your rings, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories before using the sauna.

How can I keep track of my valuables?

Please use the lockers in the changing rooms. We do not keep valuables at the reception. Please note that any theft or loss of personal belongings is the responsibility of the visitor.

How should I use the cold water shower in the Cold Bathing Area?

The shower heads are installed at two locations: overhead and at shoulder height. If you want to pour over a large amount of cold water from above, please use the overhead shower. If you do not want to get your hair wet, you can take a cold shower from the shoulders down. Open the valve a little at a time, and pour water over your limbs and areas far from your heart. Then, pour over your entire body.

Can I smoke in the exhibition?

Smoking is prohibited in the venue.

Is there a place to put on makeup after I’m finished?

There are powder rooms inside the Changing Rooms. Face lotion, moisturizer, comb, hair dryer, makeup remover (for women only) are included in the admission fee. There are no makeup products available.

What should I do if I feel unwell?

If you feel unwell during your visit, please alert nearby staff. Female staff are available to assist female visitors. We also provide sanitary napkins for those who have sudden periods.

Can I share videos and photos from the exhibition? Can I post on social media?

You are welcome to take photos and videos and share on social media, but the below are prohibited: ・Bringing your cell phone or camera into a sauna room ・Using a monopod, tripod, selfie stick, or other such equipment; flash photography ・Filming for commercial purposes without prior consent ・Other activities that may inconvenience those around you

Is there an exhibition brochure or map?

Maps of the exhibition are not provided.

Does the exhibition have a resting room or nursing room?

There is no resting room or nursing room inside the exhibition. For safety reasons, children 11 years old and younger are not allowed into the exhibition.

What payment options are available?

We only accept credit cards and electronic payments. Please note that cash is not accepted.

Can I make phone calls in the exhibition?

Making phone calls in the exhibition is prohibited.

Lost and Found

Lost items will be kept at the facility for one week and then disposed of. Please contact us using the inquiry form.

Is there free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi is not provided.

Is there a parking lot?

There is no parking lot onsite. Please come via public transportation.

Can I stay overnight?

This exhibition is not open 24 hours. After the building closes, you will be asked to leave before we clean the whole venue.